Service Stations or Gasoline Stations, also known as Filling Stations, were full service sellers of gasoline and perhaps other fuels. Employess would come to the car and operate the gas pump. While the gas was pumping the attendent would clean your windshield and check your oil, radiator and battery fluid levels. Each was housed in relatively small buildings with a sales area where oil and other materials were displayed. Each also had an area for service, most commonly a grease pit. Most service stations also included a wash pit as washing and waxing were important revenue sources. Each would have also maintained public mens and womens restroom. In Eden, they have all ceased operations but many of the original buildings still remain. Many are still in some sort of auto service business, but gasoline sales have gone to convenience stores or operations that sell only gasoline, diesel fuel, and perhaps kerosene.

In this spotlight we hope to identify all the service stations that appear in either the 1959 or 1963 Hills City Directory for Leaksville, Spray, and Draper. Our goal is to have pictures of each with a brief write up on each.

Following is a list of service station taken from City Directories in 1949. The address given is before some street names and numbering changed with Consolidation in 1967. Locations in Spray or Draper are identified, all others are in Leaksville. Scroll down to view all.

Avonlea Texaco

221 West Washington Street (L)

B & O Gulf Service

120 Boone Rd (L)

Boulevard Service Station and Taxi

401 Boulevard (L)

Boyte's Gulf Service

206 N Bridge (L)

Brown's Service Station

Corner of Park (S)

Burke Service Station

433 N Bridge (L)

Central Service Station

530 N Bridge (L)

Cook's Grocery and Service Station

601 1/2 Morgan Road

Draper Auto Supply Co

110-12 S Fieldcrest Rd (D)

Draper Service Station

217 N Main (D)

Draper Shell Service

101 N Fieldcrest Rd (D)

Frank Eggleston Station No. 2

115 Carolina

Frank Eggleston Station No.3

128 Boone Rd (L)

Frank Eggleston Tire Co. Inc

318 Meadow Rd

Fairview Service Station

Ridgeway Rd (RD 2 nr Field av

Fieldcrest Esso Station

118 S Fieldcrest Rd (D)

Hamilton Street Service Station

1001 N Hamilton (L)

Harris Esso Station

216 N Main (D)

Hodges Service Station

N Hamilton at Oakland Ave (L)

Ivie Bros

200 N Bridge (L)

Jones Motor Company Service Station

413 Boulevard (L)

K C Oil Co

220 N Bridge (L)

Leaksville Esso Station

161 Boone Rd (L)

Leonard's Service Station

Boulevard nr Church (L)

Main Street Service Station

E Washington cor Monroe (L)

Martin's Service Station

341 W Washington (L)

McBrde's Service Station

105 Warehouse (S)

Mobil Service Station

121 Carolina

Odell's Esso Station

705 Morgan Rd

Parker Esso Station

201 W Washington (L)

Robertson Gulf Service

107 N Bridge (L)

Jos E Smith

Ridgeway Rd

Smith & Hawkins

313 N Bridge (L)

Spray Esso Station

525 Boone Rd (S)

Spray Service Station No.1

Boone Rd (S)

Spray Service Station No.2

Church cor Boulevard (S?)

Charles R Thomason and Son

2 Aiken Rd (S)

Triangle Service Station

Ridgeway Rd RD 2 cor Morgan Rd

Tucker's Service Station

338 W Washington (L)

West End Service Station

443 W Washington (L)