Old Pictures Needing Information

Where and what is (or was) the name of this church?

This photo comes from Rivers Ivie Fitts. Her brother Lawson Ivie is on the right with his foot bound up, and she is the young girl on the other side of the lady in long dress with umbrella. The lady with the umbrella is then most likely her mother, Mrs George Mebane Ivie. Dr Mebane had a practice in Stoneville, and the church may be (or may have been) there.

This came from Kathleen Ivie in a box of old pictures that belonged to her mother.

The young lady standing to the left of the food and facing the camera all dressed in white is Susie Ivie, youngest sister of A.D. Ivie, Sr. She died in November of 1899, so the picture probably dates from the previous summer or fall. Can anyone identify any other individuals or does anyone have a good of idea of where this was taken or what was the occasion?

The museum has a group of arial photographs taken at the same time. This is one of them. Based on this picture of Leaksville, the date is prior to 1939. This is based on the Post Office which carries a date of 1939 and which does not appear to be present in this image. Can anyone identify what is on the west side of Monroe St. There is a warehouse structure just behind the buildings on Washington St and the rest of that side of the block has what could be a garden?

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