Land of Eden Pageant of 1947

With a cast and choir of 100's and a multitude of support personel, the production of the pageant was perhaps the largest community event in the history of the three towns and even the city that follows. The original play told the history of the area from the Indians up through WWI. It was performed at the Tri-City Baseball Field which was located on the property where Gildan now stands, just north of Freedom Park. It was performed October 13 and 14, in 1947, and the program lists all the people and their roles. The advertising provides another glimpse into post WWII times. A script for the performance is 39 pages, and it will take a few seconds to load. The script has a date of 1959, but we believe that is the date it was filed away.

In the 1970's members of the community looked into reproducing the production for the countries Bicentenial. A new script was written that brought the history up through consolidation. Unfortuneately, they were unable to take the project to fruition.

Several newspaper articles and news photographs are available below. Below the newspaper clippings are two photographs in the collection of Warren Wilson. They were taken during one of the actual performances.