Histories of Leaksville, Spray, Draper, and the Surrounding Area

Daisy King Barker was the daughter of Mr. D. F. King. Her history includes much information from William Ward Strong, who grew up in Leaksville. The calculated date of her work is 1948, a year after "Billy" died. She titled her paper Billy Strong Recalls Early Days in Leaksville History.

Rev. Daniel Early Fields, the Methodist Minister, wrote his history around 1900. He offers much detail about some of the earliest history of the town. His work was published in the Leaksville Gazette and in Webster's Weekly, a Reidsville Newspaper. Allie Hopper saved the newspaper articles and glued them into a scrapbook. Rev. Field entitled his work Leaksville Of Ye Olden Times.

Mrs. R. P. Wray wrote her history in 1948 or soon thereafter. She lived in the large home that stood at the top of the hill on the western edge of the business district. She called her work History of Leaksville.

Mrs. M. T. Smith wrote her history of the area after a meeting or social gathering at Deep Springs, where Mrs. W. J. Gordon was the guest speaker. Deep Springs was up river from Leaksville close to Madison. We are including it here for the material is applicable to the area, and the information about the Dan River is very interesting. She called her report Deep Springs and its History, Lily of the Dan.

Mrs Martha Ann Stone's writing does not directly mention Leakville, but her story about the end of the Civil War in the area is useful for understanding a very difficult time. Her paper is entitled Memories of the Civil War.

Alexander Snead wrote a very complete description of the town and surrounding area as it existed in 1810. The work was published in the Wilmington Star. Mr. Snead called his work Rockingham County 119 Years Ago.